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Peoria, Illinois 61602-1070

Books in PPL's Collection:

From Apple Trees to Cider Please- Chernesky, Felicia
Caillou Goes Apple Picking- Patenaude, Danielle
Apples Galore- O’Connor, Jane
Dragon’s Apple Picking Day- Stevens, Jane
Biggest Apple Ever- Kroll, Steven
Ducking for Apples- Berry, Lynn
One Red Apple- Ziefert, Harriet
Applesauce Season- Lipson, Eden Ross
Apple-Pip Princess- Ray, Jane
Fishing Surprise- McDonald, Raw
One Green Apple- Bunting, Eve
Tucker’s Apple-Dandy Day- Winget, Susan
We All Fall for Apples- Herman, Emmi S
Apples to Oregon- Hopkinson, Deborah
Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple- Martin Larranaga, Ana
Ten Red Apples- Miller, Virginia
Apples Here!- Hubbell, Will
Apple Farmer Annie- Wellington, Monica
Ten Red Apples- Hutchins, Pat
I am an Apple- Marzollo, Jean


Crafts on the Internet:

Cinnamon painted apple craft:

Easy paper plate apple:

Paper bag apple:

Bottle cap apple tree:

Cereal box apples:

Toilet paper roll apple:

Apple orchard:

A is for Apple paper craft:

Plastic lid apples:

Cardboard tube mini apples:

Little Apple yarn favors:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL’s Collection:

Vanilla Ice Cream- Bob Graham
Telephone- Mac Barnett
Caterina and the Lemonade Stand- Erin Eitter Kono
Lion and the Bird- Marianne Dubuc
Early Birdy Gets the Worm- Bruce Lansky
Froodle- Antoinette Portis
Early Bird- Toni Yuly
Puffin Peter- Petr Horacek
Purple Little Bird- Greg Foley
Where’s the Party?- Katharine Robey
If I Never Forever Endeavor- Holly Meade
Talent Show- Jo Hodgkinson
Ten Birds- Cybele Young
Noodle & Lou- Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
Calvin can’t Fly- Jennifer Berne
Little Black Crow- Christopher Raschka
Bird & Birdie in a Fine Day- Ethan Long
Riki’s Birdhouse- Monica Wellington
Birds- Kevin Henkes
Song of Francis- Tomie dePaola


Crafts on the Internet:

Variety of bird types and crafts:

Paper cup crow:

Paper bag birds:



Paper plate birds nest:

Bird marionette:

Baby blue birds in nest:

Bird cake:

Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):




Books in PPL's Collection:

Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White, Too)- Charles George Esperanza
Red: a Crayon’s Story- Michael Hall
Bear Sees Colors- Karma Wilson
Why is the Snow White? – Heinz Janisch
Green- Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Blue Chameleon- Wmily Gravitt
Dear Baby, It’s a Colorful World- Carol Casey
Color Chaos- Lynn Rowe Reed
Dog’s Colorful Day- Emma Dodd
Sylvie- Jennifer Gordon Sattler
Pinkalicious- Victoria Kann
Day the Crayons Quit- Drew Daywalt
Day with No Crayons- Elizabeth Rusch
Elmer and the Rainbow- David McKee
Do You Like These Boots?- David Soman
Seven Seas- Ellen Jackson
Red Sings From Treetops- Joyce Sidman
Kid Tea- Elizabeth Ficocelli
City Colors- Zoran Milch
Color of His Own- Leo Lionni


Crafts from the Internet:

Dotted color wheel:

Rainbow pinwheel:

Rainbow snack:

Rainbow flower pots:

Color scented dough:

Rainbow bubbles:

Color sorting busy bag:

Sensory rainbow:

Rainbow names:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

The Duckling Gets a Cookie?- Mo Willems
Runaway Piggy- James Luna (NF- fairytale)
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies?- Jane Yolen
Mr Cookie Baker- Monica Wellington
Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers- Lisa Campbell Ernst
Cookiebot- Katie Van Camp
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie- Laura Joffe Numeroff
Cow Loves Cookies- Karma Wilson
Gingerbread Pirates- Kristin Kladstrup
Ginger Bear- Mini Grey
Moon Might Be Milk- Lisa Shulman
Bad Boys Get Cookie!- Margie Paltini
Fortune Cookie Fortunes- Grace Lin
The Best Mouse Cookie- Laura Joffe Numeroff
Flat Stanley and the Very Big Cookie!- Lori Haskins Houran
One Smart Cookie- Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Library Gingerbread Man- Dotti Enderle
Sugar Cookies- Amy Krouse Rosenthal
No More Cookies- Paeony Lewis


Crafts on the Internet:

Sticky cookie craft-

Cookie cutter craft-

Cardboard cookies-

C is for cookie-

Gingerbread boy puppet-

Life-size gingerbread-

“If you give a mouse a cookie” craft-

Felt fortune cookies-

Cookie collage-

Fluffy paper plate cookie craft-


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

The Somethingosaur- Tony Mitton
Dino-Boarding- Lisa Wheeler
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs- Mo Willems
Berenstain Bears’ Dinosaur Dig- Jan Berenstain
Dinosaur Thunder- Marion Dane Bauer
Dancing with the Dinosaurs- Jane Clarke
All Aboard the Dinotrain- Deb Lund
Clifford and the Dinosaurs- Norman Bridwell
Dino Pets Go to School- Lynn Plourde
I am a Tyrannosaurus- Anna Grossnickle Hines
Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp- Margaret Mayo
How to Raise a Dinosaur- Natasha Wing
Vacations Over!: Return of the Dinosaur- Joe Kulka
Buying, Training, & Caring for Your Dinosaur- Laura Rennert
The Dinosaur Tamer- Carol Greathouse
The Super Hungry Dinosaur- Martin Waddell
When Dinosaurs Came with Everything- Elise Broad
Captain Raptor and the Space Pirate- Kevin O’Malley
Dino Pets- Lynn Plourde
Lost Dinosaur Bone- Mercer Mayer


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate mask-
3D hatching dinosaur egg-
Dinosaur bones-
Dinosaur fossils-
Dinosaur feet-
Milk jug pteranodon-
Flying dinosaur puppet-
Scaly dinosaur-
Tissue paper dinosaur-


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs)


Books in PPL’s Collection:

Alligator Boy-Cynthia Rylant
Swamp Where Gator Hides- Marianne Collins Berkes
My Lucky Birthday- Keiko Kasza
Girl and Her Gator- Sean Bryan
Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator- Mo Willems
Alligator Wedding- Nancy Jewell
Duck & Cover- Jackie Urbanovic
No Biting, Louise- Margie Palatini
Snip, Snap!: What’s That? – Mara Bergman
Gator Gumbo- Candace Fleming
Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water- Gemma Merino
Good ship Crocodile- J. Patrick Lewis
Solomon Crocodile- Catherine Rayner
Little Croc’s Purse- Lizzie Finlay
Crocodiles are the Best Animal of All- Sean Taylor
Crocodiles Play!- Robert Heidbreder
I’d Really Like to Eat a Child- Sylviane Donnio
Two sticks!- Orel Odinov Protopopescu
What Time is It, Mr. Crocodile- Judy Sierra
Copy Crocs- David Bedford

Crafts on the Internet:

Bubble wrap crocodile craft:

Alligator clip:

Clay pot alligator:

Cheeky crocodile:

Felt alligator:

Wobbly crocodile:

Wooden spoon crocodile:

Clothespin crocodile:

Multiple alligator crafts:

Handprint crocodile:

Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

5 little crocodiles:

Alligator/Crocodile songs:

Alligator songs, poems, fingerplays:

The Crocodile fingerplay:

Books in PPL's Collection:

Elephant Joe, Brave Firefighter- Wojtowycz, David
How to Draw a Dragon- Florian, Douglas
Bath Party!- Webster, Christy
Somethinosaur- Mitton, Tony
Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg- Gliori, Debi
Oh So Brave Dragon- Kirk, David
Again!- Gravett, Emily
Angry Little Knight- Langren, Annette
Waking Dragons- Yolen, Jane
Lovabye Dragon- Joosse, Barbara
Oh No, Little Dragon- Averbeck, Jim
Dragons Love Tacos- Rubin, Adam
How to Be Friends With a Dragon- Gorbachev, Valeri
Goodnight Dragons- Roth, Judith
Me and My Dragon- Bredrzycki, David
When a Dragons Moves In- Moore, Jodi
Princess Peepers Picks a Pet- Calvert, Pam
Tiberius and the Friendly Dragon- Harvey, Keith
One Drowsy Dragon- Long, Ethan
Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon- Krause, Ute


Craft on the Internet:

Paper dragon template:

Fire breathing dragon:

Bubblewrap dragon:

Dragon eggs:

Pull along dragon:

Cardboard roll dragon:

Egg carton dragon:

Handprint dragon:

Paper plate dragon:

Wooden spoon dragon:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Click, Clack, Peep- Doreen Cronin
Duck to the Rescue- John Himmelman
You Can’t Have Too Many Friends- Mordicai Gerstein
Odd Duck- Cecil Castellucci
Have You Seen My New Blue Socks?- Eve Bunting
Lucky Ducklings- Eva Moore
Oh, Dylan- Tracey Corderoy
Waddles- David McPhail
Mr Duck Means Business- Tammi Sauer
So Close- Natalia Colombo
Ducks in a Row- Lori Haskins
Ugly Duckling- Sebastien Braun
Ducking for Apples- Lynne Berry
Sitting Duck- Jackie Urbanovic
Danny, the Duck with No Quack- Malachy Doyle
The Uglified Duckling- Willy Claflin
Ducks Don’t Wear Socks- John Nedwick
Mama’s Little Duckling- Marjorie Blain Parker
The Duck Who Played the Kazoo- Amy Sklansky
This Way, Ruby- Jonathan Emmett


Crafts on the Internet:

Rainy day duck:
Cupcake liner ducks:
Footprint duck:
Duck pond:
Walnut shell duck:
Duck mask:
Paper cup duck family:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Ava’s Poppy- Marcus Pfister
Fairy Flora- Calliope Glass
My Friends the Flowers- William Lach
What Does Bunny See?- Linda Sue Park
Flower Ball- Sigrid Laube
Littlest Susan- Ruth Ann Shay
Fran’s Flower- Lisa Bruce
I’m a Seed- Jean Marzollo
The Flowers’ Festival- Elsa Maartman Beskow
Robert the Rose Horse- Joan Heilbroner
Glasswings- Elisa Kleven
Benny Says “Achoo!”- Farrah McDoogle
So Happy!- Kevin Henkes
Step-By-Step- Christine Taylor-Butler
Colorful Spring- Erin Moran
Complete Book of the Flower Fairies- Cicely Mary Barker
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush- Tomie DePaola
Rosy’s Garden- Elizabeth Laird
Flower Alphabet Book- Jerry Pallotta
Huck Runs Amuck- Sean Taylor


Crafts on the Internet:

Textured tissue paper flowers:

Egg carton flowers:

Glossy paper flowers:

Paper loop flowers:

Pipe cleaner flowers:

Paper lilies:

Flower pinwheel:

Flower using toilet paper roll:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip- Herman Parish
Helpful Tractor- Melinda Melton Crow
Story County- Derek Anderson
Farm- Elisha Cooper
Field Trip Day- Lynn Plourde
Otis- Loren Long
Max Goes to the Farm- Adria Klein
Biscuit’s Day at the Farm- Alyssa Satin Capuccilli
Chickens to the Rescue- John Himmelman
Chicks and Salsa- Aaron Reynolds
Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop- Lisa Shulman
Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm- Stan Berenstain
Go to Sleep, Little Farm- Mary Lyn Ray
Doug Unplugs on the Farm- Dan Yaccarino
It’s Milking Time- Phyllis Alsdurf
Boo Cow- Patricia Goeher Baehr
Pigs to the Rescue- John Himmelman
Funny Farm- Mark Teague
Veronica Goes to Petunia’s Farm- Roger Duvoisin
Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor- Don Carter


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate sheep:

Paper plate cow:

Handprint horse:

Clothes pin horse:

Rooster puppet:

Farm coloring book:

Paper barn:

Construction paper tractor:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, songs):,2351,7-160-18668_26038_31186-83119--,00.html


Books in PPL's Collection:

Prince of a Frog- Jackie Urbanovic
By Mouse and Frog- Deborah Freedman
Frog’s Lucky Day- Eve Bunting
999 Tadpoles- Ken Kimura
An Extraordinary Egg- Leo Lionni
Tad and Dad- David Ezra Stein
Froggy is the Best- Jonathan London
Tadpoles and Frogs- Thea Feldman
Bertha and the Frog Choir- Luc Foccroulle
Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog- Tim Beiser
Frog and Friends- Eve Bunting
Frog or Toad? How Do You Know?- Melissa Stewart
Ribbit, Ribbit- Candace Ryan
Pound Dog and Frog- Rowley Carter
City Dog, Country Frog- Mo Willems
Ring Went Zing- Sean Taylor
Spells- Emily Gravett
I Love Grandma- Lizi Boyd
Green Wilma, Frog in Space- Tedd Arnold
Bad Frogs- Thacher Hurd


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate frog mask:

Frog with tongue:

Frog fold-up book:

Paper plate tree frog:

Wiggle frog:

Frog visor hat:

Frog on a lily pad:

Clothes pin Big-Mouth frog:

Frog hand puppet:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Lost in the Leaf Pile- Katharine Kenah
Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy- Martha EH Rustad (nf)
Dragon’s Leaf Collection- Becky Matheson
Leaves on the Trees- Thom Wiley
Big Wolf & Little Wolf, the Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall- Nadine Brun-Cosme
Leaf Trouble- Jonathan Emmett
Little Yellow Leaf- Carin Berger
Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!- Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Ruby’s Falling Leaves- Rosemary Wells
Leaves- David Ezra Stein
Fall Leaf Project- Margaret McNamara
Fall Leaves- Don Curry
I Am a Leaf- Jean Marzollo
Autumn Leaves- Gail Saunders-Smith (nf)
Autumn Leaves- Ken Robbins (nf)
Leaf Jumpers- Carole Gerber (nf)
Freddie and Flossie and the Leaf Monster- Laura Lee Hope
Leaves in Fall- Martha EH Rustad (nf)
Leaves Fall Down- Lisa Bullard (nf)
City Leaves, City Trees- Edward Gallob (nf)


Crafts on the Internet:

Yarn trees:

Leaf coaster:

Clay leaf bowls:

Leaf printing:

Leaf candle lantern:

Leaf necklace:

Cork painting-Tree:

Scrap paper tree:

Seed leaf trees:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Rappy the Raptor- Dan Gutman
I Got the Rhythm- Connie Schofield-Morrison
Bertha and the Frog Choir- Luc Foccroulle
Thelonious Mouse- Orel Odinov Protpopescu
Busy Bees on Broadway- M. Mairland DeLand
Symphony City- Amy Martin
Little Pig Joins the Band- David Costello
Rock ‘n’ Roll Mole- Carolyn Crimi
Passing the Music Down- Sarah Sullivan
Hip & Hop, Don’t Stop- Jef Czekaj
Boom Bah!- Phil Cmmings
Toot & Puddle: Get With the Beat!- Laura F Marsh
Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band- Sarah Weeks
Farmer Joe and the Music Show- Tony Milton
Chuck’s Band- Peggy Perry Anderson
Animal Band- C.S. Jennigns
Bessie and the Night Raiders- Sue Stauffacher
Soon Baboon Soon- Dave Horowitz
Punk Farm- Jarrett Krosoczka
Hepcat: Live in Concert- William Bramhall


Crafts on the Internet:

Rain stick bottle:

Simple drum:
Paper plate tambourine:

Paper towel roll horn:
Easy jingle bells:
Straw pan flute:
Popsicle stick harmonica:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Just a Kite- Mercer Mayer
Olivia and the Kite Party- Alex Harvey
Kite Day- Will Hillenbrand
Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival- Christine Ricci
Seagull Sam- Katie Clark
Curious George and the Kite- Monica Perez
Someone Bigger- Jonathan Emmett
Berenstain Bears We Like Kites- Stan Berenstain
Windy- Robin Mitchell
Kites: Magic Wishes That Fly Up to the Sky- Demi
Berenstain Bears and the Big Red Kite- Stan Berensatin
Pinkalicious: Cherry Blossom- Victoria Kann
Triple Trouble Time- Kris Hirschman
Elmo and Grover, Come on Over!- Katherine Ross
Curious George Flies a Kite- Margaret Rey
Stuck- Oliver Jeffers
Berenstain Bears Do Their Best- Stan Berenstain
Riley Flies a Kite- Susan Blackaby
Catch the Wind- Gail Gibbons


Crafts on the Internet:

Rainbow sun catcher kite-
Recycled bottle Koinobori -
Lunch sack kite-
Bird kites (paper)-
Big wax paper kites-
Sled kite-
Dragon kite-
Paper plate -
Sun kite-


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):


Books in PPL's Collection:

Three Little Owls- Emanuele Luzzati
Bump! Little Owl- Jo Lodge
Midnight Library- Kazuno Kohara
Rocket Writes a Story- Tad Hills
Little Owl’s Night- Divya Srinivasan
Owly & Wormy, Friends All a Flutter- Andy Runton
Little Owl Lost- Chris Haughton
Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza- Holly Clifton-Brown
“I’m Not Sleepy!”- Jonathan Allen
Wow! Said the Owl- Tim Hopgood
Whoo Goes There?- Jennifer Ericsson
“I’m Not Scared!”- Jonathan Allen
The Duck & the Owl- Hanna Johansen
Wake Up, Oliver!- Sue Hendra
Owls- Melissa Gish
Owls- Nick Winnick
Cock-A-Doodle-Hooooooo!- Mich Manning
I’m Not Cute!- Jonathan Allen


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate owl:
Wide eyed owl:
Handprint owl:
Paper roll owl:
Paper bag owl:
Felt owl:
Cupcake liner owls:
Canister owl:
Pom-pom owl:
Leaf owl:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Bob and Flo -Ashdown, Rebecca
Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg- Gliori, Debi
Flora and the Penguin- Idle, Molly Schaar
Not So Perfect Penguin- Smallman, Steve
Penguin Pete and Pat- Pfister, Marcus
Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole- Berenstain, Stan
All By Myself!- Jadoul, Emile
One Cool Friend- Buzzeo, Toni
Tony Baloney- Ryan, Pam Munoz
What’s in the Egg, Little Pip?- Wilson, Karma
Up and Down- Jeffers, Oliver
Polar Opposites- Brooks, Erik
Come Back Soon- Schallau, Daniel Page
The Pirate and the Penguin- Storms, Patricia
Sergio Saves the Game- Rodriquez, Edel
If You Were a Penguin- Minor, Wendell
A Penguin Story- Portis, Antoinette
Turtle’s Penguin Day- Gorbachev, Valeri
Playful Little Penguins- Mitton, Tony
Three Cheers for Tacky- Lester, Helen


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate penguin:

Styrofoam penguin:

Oval penguin:

Plastic cup penguin:

Handprint penguin:

Footprint penguin:

Paper penguin:

Toilet paper roll penguin:

Egg carton penguin:

Paper plate penguin:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Me First- Helen Lester
Pig Kahuna: Who’s That Pig?- Jennifer Gordon Sattler
Henry’s Stars- David Elliot
Big Pigs- Leslie Helakoski
Pig on the Hill- John Kelly
Ten Moonstruck Piglets- Lindsay Lee Johnson
Poindexter Makes a Friend- Mike Twohy
A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea- Michael Ian Black
Not a Stick- Antoinette Portis
Wilbur’s Adventure- E.B. White
Will You Read to Me? – Denys Cazet
20 Hungry Piggies- Trudy Harris
Pig Tale- Helen Oxenbury
Emmett’s Pig- Mary Stolz
Pig Enough- Janie Bynum
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf- Glen Rounds
True Story of the 3 Little Pigs- Jon Scieszka
Picnic with Piggins- Jane Yolen
Small Pig- Arnold Lobel
Chicken, Pig, Cow- Ruth Ohi


Crafts on the Internet:

Wine cork pig-

Craft foam pig-

Wiggly pig finger puppet-

Paper plate pig craft-

Piggy bank-

Pig party hat-

Plastic bottle piggy bank-

Pig snouts-


Extras (Finger Play, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

P is For Pirate- Even Bunting (nf)
I Love My Pirate Papa- Laura Leuk
Pirates Love Underpants- Claire Freedman
Pirates Guide to First Grade- James Preller
Pirates Guide to Recess- James Preller
Pirates Next Door- Jonny Duddle
Pirate Boy- Eve Bunting
Pirates Go to School- Corinne Demas
Pirates of the Sea!- Brandon Dorman
Pirate vs. Pirate- Mary Quattlebaum
Small Saul- Ashley Spires
Pirate Cruncher- Jonny Duddle
Pirate and the Penguin- Patricia Storms
Gingerbread Pirates- Kristin Kladstrup
Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates- Carolyn Crimi
Papa is a Pirate- Katharina Grossman-Hensel
Pugwash and the Ghost Ship- John Ryan
No-Good Do-Good Pirates- Jim Kraft
Dirty Joe, the Pirate- Bill Harley
Pirate Pete’s Talk Like a Pirate- Kim Kennedy


Crafts on the Internet:

Pirate ship-

Paper plate pirate-

Pirate eye patch-

Felt treasure map-

Pirate telescope-

Pirate hooks-

Pirate mask-

Paper treasure map-


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Cub’s Big World- Thomson, Sarah
Polar Bear Morning- Thompson, Lauren
Polar Bear Night- Thompson, Lauren
Mama, Why?- Wilson, Karma
Big Bear, Little Brother- Norac, Carl
The Ice Bear- Morris, Jackie
Little Polar Bear- Beer, Hans de
Polar Bear Paddle- Bedford, David
Polar Opposites- Brooks, Erik
Panda & Polar Bear- Baek, Matthew
Polar Bear Puzzle- Lumry, Amanda
Hush Little Polar Bear- Mack, Jeff
Romeo and Lou Blast Off- Anderson, Derek
The Big Fuzzy- Castle, Caroline
Cold Paws, Warm Heart- Floyd, Madeleine
A Splendid Friend, Indeed- Bloom, Suzanne
Ice Bear- Davies, Nicola
Polar Bolero- Gliori, Debi
Chilly Bear- Counhaye, Guy
Irving and Mukruk- Pinkwater, Daniel Manus


Crafts on the Internet:

Paper plate polar bear:

Polar bear cup puppet:

3D paper polar bear:

Circle polar bear:

Polar bear foot :

Cotton ball polar bear:

Paper bag polar bear:

Shredded paper polar bear:

Polar bear mask:

Polar bear finger puppet:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Ready for Pumpkins- Kate Duke
Pumpkin Countdown- Joan Holub
Perfect Pumpkin Hunt- Gail Herman
Pumpkin Cat- Anne Mortimer
Pumpkin Trouble- Jan Thomas
Apples and Pumpkins- Anne Rockwell
Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin- Susan Hill
Very Best Pumpkin- Mark Kimball Moulton
Pumpkin Harvest- Calvin Harris
How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?- Margaret McNamara
Bumpy Little Pumpkin- Margery Cuyler
Mrs. McMurphy’s Pumpkin- Rick Walton
Franklin’s Pumpkins- Sharon Jennings
Stubborn Pumpkin- Laura Geringer
Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night- Anne Rockwell
Pumpkin Book- Gail Gibbons
Pumpkin Man- Judith Moffat
Pinky and Rex and the Perfect Pumpkin- James Howe
Pumpkin, Pumpkin- Jeanne Titherington
Pumpkin Patch- Elizabeth King


Crafts on the Internet:

Pumpkin printable craft:

Melted crayon pumpkin:

Pasta pumpkin:

Knuckle print pumpkins:

Little yarn ball pumpkins:

Beaded pumpkin:

Pumpkin bracelet:

Pom-pom pumpkin:

Stained glass pumpkin:

Family pumpkin patch:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):


Books in PPL's Collection:

It’s Raining Cats and Frogs!- Harriet Ziefert (bilingual)
Good Ship Crocodile- J. Patrick Lewis
Rain Train- Elena De Roo
My Side of the Car- Kate Feiffer
Cloudette- Tom Lichtenheld
Rain School- James Rumford
Waiting Out the Storm- JoAnn Early Macken
Drip, Drop! The Rain Won’t Stop!- Sheila Sweeney Higginson
Rain, Rain, Go Away- Catherine Lukas
One Rainy Day- M. Christina Butler
Rain- Manya Stojic

Rain Stomper- Addie K. Boswell
Rain Play- Cynthia Cotton
Lila and the Secret of Rain- David Conway
Who Likes Rain?- Wong Herbert Yee
Rainy Day- Patricia Lakin
I Love the Rain- Margaret Park Bridges
Raindrop Plop!- Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Red Rubber Boot Day- Mary Lyn Ray


Crafts on the Internet:

Cloud puppet-

Paper umbrellas-

Rain cloud ribbons-

Melted crayon rain cloud-

Homemade rain gauge-

Stained glass rain cloud-

Corn syrup rain-

Rain cloud mobile-


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Doug Unplugs on the Farm- Dan Yaccarino
Junkyard- Mike Austin
Fix This Mess- Tedd Arnold
Robots, Robots Everywhere- Sue Fliess
Doug Unplugged- Dan Yaccarino
Boy + Bot- Ame Dyckman
Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot- Margaret McNamara
Wodney Wat’s Wobot- Helen Lester
Cookiebot- Katie Van Camp
Clink- Kelly Dipucchio
Trouble with Sisters and Robots- Steve Gritton
R Robot Saves Lunch- R. Nicholas Kuszyk
Watch Out for Wolfgang- Paul Carrick
Scooby-Doo! and the Rotten Robot- Mariah Baladan
Mama Robot- Davide Cali
Wall-E: Read Aloud Storybook- Matthew N. Garret
Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage- Jeff Weigel
Superhero- Marc Tauss
Sleepy Time Olie- William Joyce
Rolie Polie Olie- William Joyce


Crafts on the Internet:

Cardboard tube robot:

Design your own robot:

Mechanical parts robot:

Styrofoam ball robots:

Recycled robot ornaments:
Box robots:
Aluminum foil robots:

Paper bag robots:

Tin can robots:

Robbie the Robot:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Smiley Shark- Ruth Galloway
Shark & Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventures- Viviane Schwarz
Gilbert in Deep- Jane Clarke
Shark in the Dark- Peter Bently
Shark vs Train- Chris Barton
Gilbert the Hero- Jane Clarke
I'm a Shark!- Bob Shea
Clark the Shark- Bruce Hale
Thomas and the Shark- W. Railway Awdry
Shark Attack- Ace Landers
Clark the Shark Dares to Share- Bruce Hale
Clark the Shark Tooth Trouble- Bruce Hale
Clark the Shark Takes Heart- Bruce Hale
Hark! A Shark!- Bonnie Worth
Sharks!- Sindy McKay
Shark or Dolphin?- Melissa Stewart
Little Shark- Anne Rockwell
Yummy Yummy! Food for My Tummy!- Sam Lloyd
Shark-tastic- Lori Stein
National Geographic Kids. Everything Sharks- Ruth Musgrove


Crafts on the Internet:

Clothespin shark:

Paper plate shark:

Shark hat:

Fish eating shark toy:

Shark paper bag puppet:

Plastic bottle shark toy:

Golf ball sharks:

Footprint sharks:

Shark binoculars:


Extras (Finger Plays, Poems, Songs):

Books in PPL's Collection:

Whoo! Whoo! Goes the Train- Anne Rockwell
Train-Elisha Cooper
My Little Train-Satomi Ichikawa
Train Goes Clickety-Clack- Jonathan London
Locomotive- Brian Floca
All Aboard!- Rebecca Kai Dotlich
How to Train a Train- Jason Carter Eaton
Rain Train- Elena DeRoo
Last Train- Gordon Titcomb
Shark vs. Train- Chris Barton
Fast Train, Slow Train- Tommy Stubbs
Josh and the Whoo Whoo- David Bedford
Trains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing!- Patricia Hubbell
Train to Maine- Jamie Spencer
Giorgio and His Star Crane Train- Jessica Spanyol
All Aboard to Dreamland- Melanie Harby
Hey Mr. Choo-Choo, Where are You Going?- Susan Wickberg
Little engine that could- Watty Piper
Jingle the Brass- Patricia Newman


Crafts on the Internet:

Toilet paper roll train-

DIY Train Whistle:

Tissue box train:

Candy train:

Thumbprint train:

Train shapes paper craft:

Train paint craft:

Pop out choo choo:

Picture train:


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