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Hot New Titles Coming in January 2018

By Robin Helenthal

The Music Shop: A Novel by Rachel Joyce is both a love story and a journey through the power of music. In 1988, llse Brachmann walks into a small music shop at the end of a dead-end street in a run-down neighborhood. The owner of the shop, a man named Frank, has a way of connecting his customers to the right piece of music that they are looking for or need. llse asks Frank to teach her about music. Frank and llse both have emotional baggage that they need to overcome but with the healing power of music and love they just might be able to connect and save each other.

Fools and Mortals by Bernard Cornwell is the story of the first production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as told by Richard Shakespeare, William’s younger brother. The two men have been at odds for years. While Richard has dreams of being an actor in the London playhouses which is a world in which his brother dominates, he is actually a penniless actor that makes ends meet by minor thievery and his silver tongue. As William’s star rises, Richard’s seems to fall. When a priceless script goes missing, Richard is suspected and to clear his name and escape the gallows, he must play the part of a lifetime and call on all the skills he has learned on the stage to save himself. From the glittering stages to the darkest alleys, we get an inside look at what it might have been like in the world of theatre during the time of Shakespeare.

Eternal Life by Dara Horn is the story of a woman with a problem, she can’t die. 2000 years ago, she made a sacred bargain to save the life of her first born son, Jack, in the time of Roman occupied Jerusalem. Although she has tried to free herself from the bargain, there is only one person who understands her and he has been stalking her through the centuries, telling her they belong together. Now her children and grandchildren are obsessed with finding immortality their own way, from digital currency to genetic engineering which would change her fate and theirs. This book celebrates the power of faith, the point of death, reasons for living and the bonds that exist between generations.


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