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Hot New Titles Coming in March 2018

By Robin Helenthal

As You Wish by Jude Deveraux begins with three very different women who meet by chance in Summerhill, Virginia and find they have much more in common than they could have ever thought. Olivia is a 60-year-old newlywed whose first marriage was unhappy and long and she is excited to be starting a new life with a man she has always loved. Kathy is a 40-year-old woman, married to a handsome and successful businessman, who she finds out, is in love with someone else. The youngest of the trio is Elise at twenty plus who is married to a man her parents picked for her. She finds out he has a pregnant mistress and is willing to go to any lengths to get Elise out of the picture. Even though all three women are at the summerhouse for different reasons, they share their regrets, wishes and dreams. When they get a chance to fix the wrongs from their past, they find that dreams really can come true.

In The Woman Left Behind: A Novel by Linda Howard, Jina Modell works in communications for a paramilitary organization. She loves her job but when she shows a skill for spatial awareness she gets reassigned to a GO-team as an on-site drone operator. Levi, the team leader of the unit that Jina has been assigned to does not have a lot of confidence that she will make it through training because she is not especially athletic but she works hard and becomes an important part of the team. Behind the scenes, a Congresswoman with an agenda to destroy the G0-teams has set a trap to ambush the squad in Syria. When the base is attacked with explosives, the rest of the team is out on their mission, and Jina who had stayed behind to control the surveillance drone escapes to the desert. Somehow she has to make it to her crew before they are sent out of the country, and Levi not knowing whether she is alive or dead goes back to search because you never leave a soldier behind, especially one that you are in love with.

Tangerine: A Novel by Christine Mangan begins when Alice Shipley arrives in Tangier with her new husband and runs into Lucy Mason, a person from her past that she has not spoken to for more than a year. The two had been inseparable roommates at Bennington but after an accident they went their separate ways. Alice has been afraid to travel around on her own in Morocco so when Lucy tries to rebuild their friendship by helping Alice get out of her apartment and explore the country she goes along. When Alice’s husband goes missing, Alice starts to question her relationship with Lucy, the feelings of being controlled and subdued start to remind her why her friendship with Lucy had come to an end. Where is John? What were Lucy’s true motives for coming to Tangier?


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