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In a Time of Conflicting News, Turn to Peoria Public Library

by Amanda Doyle

In today’s world we are being hit from all sides about what’s real news and what’s fake news. As a society we are being told contradictory stories at an alarming rate and it’s hard to know what to believe and what to ignore.

One great place to sort out the truth and do your own truth digging is your local library. Libraries offer a range of books, magazines, and databases that you can spend hours getting lost in.

On our public access computers, you can browse through databases such as: ABC-CLIO which is “a comprehensive, multidisciplinary reference resource, ABC-CLIO contains over 140,000 primary and secondary source materials covering a variety of subject areas, including ancient to modern world history and geography, current events, pop culture and much more” or ESBCO Host which is “a comprehensive database, containing a wealth of essential material for learning and research across the disciplines.”

Also the librarians at Peoria Public Library are there to help you search for anything you’re curious to know more about. Feel free to ask them questions and opinions as to what the best resources for your search are. 

Libraries are the epicenter for knowledge and they can transform your life. They encourage you to be curious about all things and want to help you in your quest for knowledge. Learn about the issues of today’s society or study what happened in the past. Libraries give you access to both options and can open up new worlds for people. We at Peoria Public Library strive to give you the best information we have at our finger tips and help you with search in figuring out what is the truth.