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Cellphone Notices

Get Library Notices and Renew Items on Your Mobile Device!

Shoutbomb Text Message Alerts for Peoria Public Library Library Cardholders

With the Library’s new Shoutbomb text messaging service, you can use your mobile phone to…

  • Receive text notices about: holds that are available, items that are due soon, overdue items, and fines.
  • Send a text to renew a loan. If the item is eligible for renewal, it will renew.  If the item is not eligible for renewal, it will fail. 
    Either result will be reported by text message.

The Library does not charge a fee for this service, but your mobile plan’s regular text-messaging rates apply.

What You Need

  • A mobile phone and wireless service that can send text messages to an email address.
  • The barcode number from your Library card (ten digits, Dxxxxxxxxx), and the PIN for your library account.

Signing Up

  • To get started, text the message: SIGNUP to: rsacat@shoutbomb.com
  • Then reply to the messages from Shoutbomb, asking for your library card number and PIN.
  • Once your Shoutbomb registration has been completed, you will automatically get text notices about holds to pick up, items that are due soon, overdue items, and fees. A text will be sent only when activity on your account triggers a message and will usually arrive around 9:00 a.m.

Basic Keyword Commands
You can text these commands to rsacat@shoutbomb.com; follow any instructions that are texted back to you:

  • ADDCARD - Register an additional Library card for text messages on your phone.
  • DROPCARD - Cancel text notices for a card added with ADDCARD.
  • ZIPCODE ##### - (Substitute your 5-digit zip code for #####.) Add your zipcode to match your phone with your home library.
    For future features.
  • TEST - Test your connection to Shoutbomb.
  • HELP - Get information about all Shoutbomb commands.
  • RESEND - Get the last message from Shoutbomb again.
  • QUIT - Delete your mobile device from the Shoutbomb notice service.

Replying to Notices
Your account notices will prompt you to respond with optional commands, including:

  • HL - Get a list of holds that are ready for pickup. (Holds notice.)
  • RL - Get a list of items you can renew. (Courtesy notice.)
  • RA - Renew all eligible items. (Courtesy notice.)
  • OL - Get a list of overdue items. (Overdue notice.)

Message Settings
To view and change your Shoutbomb message settings, text these commands:

  • NOTICES - See your current on/off status for each type of notice. Do this first!
  • HOLDS - Toggles your holds notices off/on.
  • RENEW - Toggles your courtesy notices (about items that are due soon) off/on.
  • OVERDUE - Toggles your overdue notices off/on.
  • FEES - Toggles your notices about fines and fees off/on.

Texting to an Email Address
Nearly every text-capable phone has the ability to send messages to an email address. Here’s how to sign up with your device …

Most Phone Types:

  1. Go to Messaging and create a new Text Message.
  2. Open up the Send To box to designate the recipient.
  3. Some phones have a separate field for Email and Phone Number. If this is the case, enter rsacat@shoutbomb.com in the Email field.
  4. If not, look for a box that says 123 on the menu screen. (This means that you’re entering a number to designate who you’re texting.) Press the relevant button (typically the Shift key or one of the Option buttons) to switch this to ABC.
  5. Enter rsacat@shoutbomb.com as the designated address. Send the message SIGNUP to this address.
  6. Add this contact info to your Address Book.


  1. Click on Messages.
  2. Press the BlackBerry button and select Compose SMS Text.
  3. Select [Use Once]. When it asks “Which Type of Address?” choose Email.
  4. Enter rsacat@shoutbomb.com as the email address. Send the message SIGNUP.
  5. Add rsacat@shoutbomb.com to your Address Book.

Android Phones:

  1. Open up Messaging and select Compose New Message.
  2. Set rsacat@shoutbomb.com as the recipient.
  3. Set SIGNUP as the message text.
  4. Save rsacat@shoutbomb.com as a contact.

Apple iPhone:

  1. Send a text message to 121.
  2. In the body of the message, type rsacat@shoutbomb.com SIGNUP.