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  • Email - If you would like a librarian to answer a question about materials in the library, genealogy, or how to use the electronic catalog or databases, please use our email form. Click here.
  • Call - You may also call  309-497-2000 during library hours to have your questions answered.
  • If you would like to ask a librarian for a book recommendation, please click here. 
  • If you have a problem with your library card or account please email circulation@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us
  • PIN - if you need your PIN number you may email RSA CAT or circulation as listed above or call any location during open hours. For numbers and hours see our Hours page.
  • To arrange a tour, reserve a room, plan an exhibit or program at any location, contact programming at programmingdept@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us
  • If you have a question about or wish to report a problem with this website, please click here. So that we may provide better service, please include your name and your street address in your message.

Peoria Public Library Administration

Contact the Peoria Public Library Board of Trustees by email

Randall Yelverton, Executive Director, randallyelverton@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2140

Roberta Koscielski, Deputy Director and Secretary to the Board robertakoscielski@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2186

Peoria Public Library Staff      

Alyce Jackson, Manager of Programs, alycejackson@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2143

Jay Furniss, Manager of Facilities, jayfurniss@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2181

Robin Helenthal , Manager of Collection Development, robinhelenthal@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us Phone 309-497-2149

Cossandra Stokes, Manager of Circulation, cossandrastokes@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone: 309-497-2165

Nancy Spencer, Administrative Assistant, nancyspencer@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone: 309-497-2135

Jennifer Sevier, Manager of Reference Services, jennifersevier@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us  phone: 309-497-2160


Jennifer Davis, Manager of Public Relations, jenniferdavis@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone: 309-497-2141

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