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Peoria, Illinois 61602-1070

The Local History Collection

The Local History Collection includes the formats of fiction and nonfiction.  You will find the works of local authors Philip Jose Farmer and Norm Kelly.  The many items in this collection include Illinois county histories and subject magazines and journals such as the Illinois State Historical Journal.  Please check the library’s catalog for specific titles.  If we don’t have the specific title that you are looking for, remember that we can Inter-Library Loan most items with your Peoria Public Library card.

For a specific question about either collection

  • Visit us at the Main Library location located in downtown Peoria
  • We are open from 9 AM – 6 PM, Monday - Saturday
  • Email inquiries are at Ask A Librarian
  • Mail inquiries are sent to:  Genealogy, Peoria Public Library, 107 NE Monroe ST, Peoria, IL  61602

Our Local Historians have wonderful stories to tell. The talented local writers and researchers often find gems of local history that have escaped being chronicled.  Please enjoy this collection of essays or the titles that reveal little know facts about Peoria and its history.  You will find additional information about Peoria by enjoying these podcasts!


The following available works (in print) on Peoria History are arranged chronologically:

  • 1844 The Peoria Directory for 1844. (Drown)
  • 1850 Drown's Record and Historical View of Peoria.
  • 1869 Achtzehn Jahre in Peoria. (18 Years in Peoria.) (Zotz)
  • 1870 History of Peoria, Illinois. (Ballance)
  • 1880 History of Peoria County, Illinois. (Johnson)
  • 1890 Portrait and Biographical Album of Peoria County, Illinois.
  • 1901 Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Peoria County. (Bateman)
  • 1906 Eine Populare Geschichte der Stadt Peoria. (Bess)
  • 1912 Peoria City and County, Illinois. (Rice)
  • 1932 History of the Illinois River Valley. (Conger)
  • 1950s History of Peoria County. (East)
  • 1968 Student's History of Peoria County. (May)
  • 1985 Peoria! (Klein)
  • 1994 The Grandest Views. (Wheeler)
  • 1995 Peoria . . . Impressions of 150 Years.
  • 1998 The Very Best of Old Peoria. (Klein)
  • 1998 Peoria: A Postcard History. (Bobbitt)
  • 1998 Peoria Business. (Wheeler)
  • 1999 Reading, Writing, and Religion. (Wheeler)
  • 2000 Peoria Entertainment. (Wheeler)
  • 2000 Peoria, Illinois Revisited. (Bobbitt)
  • 2000 Peoria Firefighters: A Proud History. (Brignall)
  • 2002 With the Greatest Care and Love. (Wheeler)