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Podcast #6- Fandom Takeover

Tags: fandoms

Jamie and I talk about fandoms and how it's important for libraries to pay attention to them. 


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Podcast #5- Old Time Tomfoolery

Tags: funny, old news articles

Amber and I read of funny and odd newstories from old newspapers. 

Podcast #4- Fairytales: Escape from Reality

We talk to Nena about the importance of fairytales and also listen to the story of Crab and Monkey.


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Podcast #3- Friends of the Library: How to Fundraise without Robbing the Bank

Tags: friends of peoria public library, fundraising

We talk with Trisha, head of the PR department, about the Friends of Peoria Public Library group and how they fundraise and help the library. 

Podcast #2- Zap the Grandma Gap

Tags: genealogy

We talk with Amber about genealogy and how it's changed recently in popularity. 


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Podcast #1- Graphic Novels: the New Sheriff in Town

Tags: graphic novels

We talk to Rufus about graphic novels and how they are important to have in the library. 



Our Youtube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6IFlA2GlaZzcK2kdN13Kg/videos?view_as=subscriber