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      September 2019
        Volume 28, No. 9

Back to the Books

September is National Library Card Sign-up month, which is perfect since school is back in session and a library card is as essential as any No. 2 pencil on your school supply list.

Did you know that any student attending Peoria Public Schools, even those residing outside the library’s district, are eligible for a student library card, valid Aug. 15 to Aug. 14 of the next year.  All teachers at Peoria’s public and parochial schools and Dunlap schools can also obtain a special Peoria Public Library card, valid Aug. 1-July 31, for classroom purposes only.

Beyond books, your library card is also your key to our vast resources, including our online research and tutorial databases, which offer online homework help, test prep and skill-building services. Visit our website at www.peoriapubliclibrary.org for details on how to get your very own library card.

September: Library Card Sign-Up Month

Peggy Miller is one of the 47,487 Peorians who have a Peoria Public Library card.

And like every one of those cardholders, she has a story.

“My aunt Irene took me to the library to get a card when I was in 2nd grade. She helped me pick out a book and showed me how to check it out,” Miller recalls. “She told me I had to take very good care of the book or I could not get another. She gave me a very special bag from Carson Pirie Scott to keep the book safe. Then she showed me how to walk home.

“My household was very chaotic. She set my life on a course that would save me. The library ladies were kind, gentle and helpful. The library was a safe place.”

Miller’s aunt Irene died a year ago.

“I can’t explain how much it meant to me. (The library) was my sanctuary,” says Miller, who grew up in a small suburb south of Chicago, but now lives in Peoria.

And Miller couldn’t be prouder that her daughter grew up to become one of those “kind, gentle, helpful” ladies, a librarian who now manages Peoria Public Library’s Lakeview Branch.

Forty-one percent of Peorians have a library card, giving them access to a wealth of resources – newspapers, magazines, music, movies, research journals, local historical collections, online databases, free computers and even free passes to some museums. Oh, and books. Lots of books.

Peoria Public Library has more than 540,000 items in our collection, but we have access to any book, basically anywhere.

But, as Miller proves, libraries are more than depositories of information. They are places to feel safe, to feel empowered and to be encouraged to be your best self.

As author Kurt Vonnegut once noted, “The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries.”

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month. Every single resident of the city of Peoria can have a library card.

If you don’t have one, please come visit one of our five locations and let us help you.



Requirements for a Peoria Public Library card:

You must live in the city of Peoria

You must show a photo I.D.

You must show something with your current address.
(Examples: I.D., mail, bill, checkbook)

Requirements for children to obtain a Peoria Public Library card:
(For children up through the 8th grade)

Child must live in the city of Peoria

Parent must show a photo I.D.

Parent must show something with your current address.
(Examples: I.D., mail, bill, checkbook)

Child must be accompanied by a parent.

There is a $2.00 replacement fee for lost cards.

Non-resident cards
Peoria Public Library offers a non-resident library card for $140.00 a year. For more information, call the Peoria Public Library Circulation Department at (309) 497-2164 or (309) 497-2165.

Teacher Card
This card is available to any teacher who teaches at Peoria Public Schools or any teacher at Dunlap Schools who lives in an area served by a tax-supported public library. Peoria Public Schools teachers who live in an unserved area can obtain a teacher card under the Intergovernmental Agreement between Peoria Public Library and Peoria Public Schools. This card is available to Peoria Public Schools, District 323, private, parochial, and daycare teachers. It is valid from August 1 through July 31 and is to be used for classroom purposes only.

Out And About

Peoria Public Library’s staff is small, but mighty.

We have five locations and a Bookmobile staffed by 72 full-time, 7 part-time and 14 student pages. Any day of the week, at least three of our locations are open. We also averaged 1,800 visitors a day at our multiple locations, issued more than 8,000 library cards and hosted more than 1,300 programs in 2018. All this, and we still find time to be Out and About in the community, promoting literacy and education.

Right: Katy Bauml from Lakeview Branch reads at OSF Children’s Hospital’s Almost Home.

Below: Alyce Jackson, Manager of Programming (pictured) and Jennifer Davis, Manager of Public Relations, handed out library card applications at the recent BackPack Peoria at the Dream Center. More than 1,800 people attended the July 27 event.

What's New in Large Print

By Teri Miller

Romance for September 2019

Large print books are for anyone who enjoys the ease and convenience of reading larger type. Enjoy these Romance titles appearing soon on a Large Print Shelf at your favorite branch!

The Seekers by Heather Graham: Keri Wolf has joined The Seekers, a show about paranormal phenomena, as they explore a “haunted” inn infamous for an ax murder rampage in the 1920s – and discover a dead body in the basement. (Main, Lakeview, McClure and North)

Temptation’s Darling by Johanna Lindsey: Johanna Lindsey blends passion and humor in a dazzling Regency-era novel in which a disastrous debutante becomes the toast of the town with a little help from a friend of the Prince Regent.

Cliff’s Edge by Meg Tilly: All set to house-sit and run their bakery while her sister Maggie is on her honeymoon, Eve Harris finds the house occupied. By a movie star; her brother-in-law’s friend, Rhys Thomas, insists on staying but offers to help. Playing house is very tempting, but they are not as alone as they think. (Lakeview and North)

Seduced by a Scot by Julia London: Facing a scandal weeks before their daughter’s wedding, a prominent Scottish family turns to Nichol Bain, fixer for the aristocracy. The family’s ward has caught the groom’s wandering eye, so Nichol escorts Maura toward an arranged marriage. But she’s not interested. (Lakeview and North)

Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness by Sandra Hill: Welcome to Bell Cove, North Carolina. Independence Day may have just passed in the small Outer Banks town known for its famous bells, but one ex-Navy SEAL has a declaration of his own to make. (Lakeview, Main and North)

Healing Hearts by Sarah M. Eden: In the frontier town of Savage Wells, Dr. Gideon MacNamara’s prospects for a bride are limited. So he sends for a mail-order bride with nursing experience. Arriving to a town ready for a wedding, Miriam is horrified to find he wanted a wife, not a nurse! (Lakeview and North)

The Cowboy Meets His Match by Margaret Brownley: The will is clear: Chase McKnight needs a wife by his side if he wants to keep his home. So he meets his veiled lady at the courthouse and says “I do.” And marries the wrong bride! (Lakeview and North)

At the Mountain’s Edge by Genevieve Graham: In 1897, gold is discovered in the Yukon, and thousands swarm to the north. Inspired by history as rich as the Klondike’s gold, this is an epic tale of romance and adventure about two people who must let go of the past not only to be together, but also to survive. (Lakeview and North)

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