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107 NE Monroe
Peoria, Illinois 61602-1070

Create Your Own Story @ Your Library.  In honor of the varied history of Peoria we are inviting you, the citizens of Peoria, to tell your story.  Everyone has a story that is uniquely theirs and the history of Peoria is littered with interesting and exciting stories of life in a big Midwest city.

  Your story can be a personal account of your life here in Peoria, a story passed down in your family or a Peoria legend or bit of history you're familiar with.  Each 2-7 minute recollection will be recorded for podcasting on our website so that others can share in memories of our city.

  Do you have a story to share?  If you do please contact Nena at 497-2000 to set up an appointment to tell your story.

Please enjoy the stories below that have been shared by others.



Norm Kelly talks about -
El Vista Memories

Norm Kelly talks about -
Peoria a Gangster Town?

Marilyn Leyland talks about -
My Great Grandfather John



Marilyn Leyland talks about-
  Scandals in Peoria

Marilyn Leyland talks about -
Peoria and the War of 1812