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project next generation

Projct Next Generation

by Sherry Criss

In today’s society, technology has become very essential. Because it is considered mainstream, it is important that our youth sharpen their skills through an experience that will help prepare them to enter the work force. This is where Project Next Generation comes into play; mentoring and technology.
Every year since February 2002, the Peoria Public Library Lincoln Branch has been awarded the grant to implement the Project Next Generation program. This is such an exciting time for us from recruiting students to be mentors to the visit from Illinois Secretary of State and PNG founder Mr. Jesse White. Along with this grant came three brand new Dell computers, printers, cameras and computer programs. Diorama Design was among one of my personal favorites.
The program was designed for students in grades 5-8. We have had many student mentors continue on through the end of their senior year of high school.  (We just could not get them to leave!) Every so often, we get the opportunity to invite a mature fourth grader to get involved. Some of our most successful students include: Kiayra Childs, Sedrick Jackson, Sterling Jackson, Spencer Jackson, Alexa Cary, Andre Walker and Israel Henderson.
Currently we have ten student mentors that are actively participating, but we have the capacity to accommodate a total of sixteen. There are also two mentors on staff, including our Branch Manager Cynthia Smith.
For more information about the program, visit or call the Peoria Public Library Lincoln Branch at 309-497-2600.

Kids! - Computers! & Fun!

The Peoria Public Library - Lincoln Branch is pleased to have been chosen as one of the ten Illinois libraries to participate in Project Next Generation.

Project Next Generation Program
Monday & Tuesday Evenings
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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The new session begins with the school year for ages 10 - 14.

Project Next Generation Is All About the Students:

The Peoria Public Library - Lincoln Branch has teamed up with Jesse White, Secretary of State and State Librarian to improving the lives of Peoria children.  The Project Next Generation Program, which started in 2000, is designed to encourage middle school students to participate in using the newest computer technology such as digital cameras; scanners, wireless keyboards, various software packages, and the newest features added to the Lincoln Branch Library are the Lap top computers that feature a flip screen.

The primary goal of this program is to provide opportunities for skill and personal development as well as motivating students to reach new levels of achievement and self-esteem.

By empowering students with new technology and interpersonal skills, Project Next Generation and the Lincoln Branch Library are bridging the traditional with the innovative to influence the Next Generation.

For more information on this FREE program call the Lincoln Branch Library at 497-2600.

Project Next Generation Sites

This is a FREE State of Illinois sponsored program for eligible students. Funding for this grant was provided by the Illinois State Library, a Division of the Office of Secretary of State, Using Federal LSTA funding.


Jesse White's Visit
On February 21st Illinois Secretary of Stat and State Librarian, Jesse White mad a visit to students participating in the Next Generation project at the Lincoln Branch. Students demonstrated some of the skills they have learned and showed him the projects they have been working on.

The Office of Illinois Secretary of State has funded Project Next Generation to provide  junior high students with a safe environment in which they may become familiar with new technology and enhance their social skills. Qualified mentors are hired to teach technology and interpersonal skills. With mentoring as the glue, technology as the means, engaged learning as the process, and libraries as the resource, Project Next Generation provides opportunities for skill and personal development.

Project Next Generation Mentors
Cynthia Smith - Branch Head

Carl Trigilio - Lead Mentor

Natalie Tomes - Mentor

project next generation