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Peoria Public Library Has Reopened

Peoria Public Library has reopened, offering patrons more access to our physical collection, public computers and databases. At the same time, the library will continue to offer curbside pickup at all locations for those wanting contact-free service.

“Since March, when we all realized how deadly COVID-19 is, Peoria Public Library adjusted our services to safeguard our patrons and our staff,” said Randall Yelverton, Executive Director of Peoria Public Library. “Now, in accordance with the State of Illinois Phase IV COVID-19 guidelines, we will be reopening on July 6, but with new procedures in place so that we are still prioritizing our people – patrons and staff – over everything else.”

All visitors and staff will be required to wear masks at all times and maintain 6-foot minimum social distancing. Brief browsing of bookshelves is encouraged. Public computers will be available at all locations, but study rooms and meeting spaces will remain closed. Programs – storytimes, book clubs, etc. – will continue to be offered online until further notice. Curbside pickup and use of our digital library is encouraged.

“Our patrons have been wonderful during this crisis,” Yelverton added. “They’ve embraced our digital offerings and curbside pickup, and I hope they continue to do that to a large extent in the interest of safety. There’s nothing safer than contact-free. That said, we will do all we can to maintain a safe, sanitized space for people to visit.”

Reopening Details

· All Peoria Public Library locations reopened July 6

· With the exception of McClure Branch, which will now be closed Saturday and Sunday, every location will return to their regular hours and days of operation.

· Every visitor and all staff will be required to wear masks – properly – at all times.

· Minimum 6-feet of social distancing is required.

· Public computers will be distanced and appointments are encouraged by calling ahead.

· Study and meeting spaces remain closed.

· Library programs will continue to be offered online only until further notice.

· Curbside pickup is available at all locations from opening to noon and then from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. 

· Patrons MUST return all books to outside book drops. All book drops inside our buildings will be closed. This is due to our policy for quarantining returned materials.