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Due to a power outage, Lincoln Branch closed at 5:00 p.m. today (Thursday, October 22).

Due to a power outage, Lincoln Branch closed at 5:00 p.m. today (Thursday, October 22).

The Lakeview Ledger

By Katy Bauml & Adam Scachette, Chief Editors

Welcome the Lakeview Ledger! 

The Lakeview Ledger is an entirely kid-created newspaper facilitated by Peoria Public Library and paid for by Friends of Peoria Public Library. Due to the library taking unprecedented action of closing as a result of COVID-19, the kids have not finished the first issue quite yet, but they are working hard on it. Once complete and printed, this newspaper will be available for free at all of our library locations.

In the meantime, we decided to share some of the work the kids have done as well as new mini at-home lessons. These mini lessons can be completed by regular club members or those interested in joining. 

This all started with the kids. They asked for a newspaper where they had creative license. Creating content, coming up with a name for the newspaper, editing, and working together on the layout were all done by the kids involved in the Newspaper Club at the Lakeview Branch. This newspaper is the summation of all their hard work since September 2019. The program continues to serve as an excellent opportunity to teach our junior journalists about information literacy and ethical journalism.

This club is open to kids ages 8 to 17. If you would like more information about the club, you can email us at kidnewspaper@gmail.com.

The Coronavirus Lockdown

by Cecelia Rose Davis
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What is the coronavirus?  Named for its crown-like spikes, the coronavirus is normally like a cold or flu for healthy and young people. However, the coronavirus is a respiratory disease that can be deadly for older people. The coronavirus was spreading around and that’s how my story starts.

What happened because of the coronavirus? Events began getting postponed. My mom was sure that school would eventually be cancelled, and she was right. It was cancelled for one week, with only one e-learning day, on Wednesday.

What is an e-learning day? During e-learning, which is what my school does instead of snow days or it’s-too-cold-to-go-to-school-days so that we don’t have to make up days at the end of the school year, we get on our computers and use websites and paper and pencil and our textbooks and workbooks and more to complete assignments.

Was school cancelled for any longer than a week?  Yes. The school had originally planned to do e-learning for the rest of the lockdown, but then when another week was cancelled, they decided that they would make the next week our Spring Break.

Why was the next week of the school-being-cancelled thing your Spring Break? That was because the school found out that any work we would do didn’t count for a grade until after March 30th. The extra week was our Virtual Spring Break.

What is a Virtual Spring Break?  Our school’s Virtual Spring Break is a fun week at home where we dress up at home and post our pictures on Facebook or Instagram.

What do you dress up like? We dress up in our pajamas, like we were at the beach, in fun costumes, like our favorite animals, and in Saint Thomas Spirit Wear. I think the Virtual Spring Break is pretty fun.

How are you handling the lockdown? Just like any other days off school, except it’s a little better because my dad is working from home as well, due to the coronavirus.

Do you have any type of schedule for the days during this lockdown? Yes, actually. My mom made a schedule with fun things on it (like our dance party and calm art time) and some boring things on it that still need to be done (like proprioception and cleaning).

How do you feel about the lockdown? It’s pretty crowded in our house, but having a schedule is helpful, because even though it’s pretty loose, I like knowing what we’re going to do next.

What’s going to happen? Nobody knows just exactly what’s going to happen. School might be cancelled for only two more weeks. The lockdown could stretch into the summer. Nobody knows! I guess we just have to trust that this thing will work out. 

Did you use any websites for information about the coronavirus? Yes, actually. I used a really great website. Type it into your computer and learn about the coronavirus: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/types.html . Once you learn about it, it may not seem as scary anymore.

Are there any other random or miscellaneous things you want to say? No, not really, except thank you for reading my story!

Mini Lessons